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Doodle dumps

People were asking for Garrett, and when looking for a reference I found a gif of him pulling his scarf up, and all I could imagine was him flipping someone off when he was done

DA/AC crossover

Malik in all his Templar outfit glory

And still Altair’s baby sitter

ref used for the damn armour 

More from the Dragon Age/Ass Creed crossover with Blood mage Altair doodle

Al Mualims pet and an arrogant brat, he saw himself as better than anyone because he wasn’t placed with other mages, instead being given free roam of the Castle. 

Practised Blood Magic at Al Mualims command 

WIP of a certain blood mage from the AC/DA crossover

Fluffy socks and Fenris reading Anders’s dairy 

'Just a bit off the sides?'

'If your hair is any longer it could be in a ponytail Miles.'

Anon put me in the mood for Desmond/Salai the other night

So have poor boyfriends and Salai cutting Desmond’s grown ass hair

Ref used

Dragon Age/ AC crossover with Malik training to be a Templar and Altair an arrogant mage because he’s Al Mualim’s pet

Someone asked for Connor with kittens 

opallight said: Draw Malik in a business suit! Bonus: Altair is his novice secretary.

PS crashed and I lost the first and way better version (as well as Novice secretary Altair) 

I wanted to try new perspectives and positions so….altmal of course 

I can’t draw digitally for the life of me